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Clothing as a gift a child how to choose?

Children's clothing is not only pleasant. but also a practical gift that will be appreciated and the child himself and his parents. And not to spend a lot of time and effort on running around the outlets, you can make a purchase in the online store of children's goods. 

Of course, children's clothing, purchased as a gift, should be of high quality. Such models are recommended to look at the collections of famous brands with good reputation. It is necessary to pay attention to the fabric quality. It should take into account such factors as the presence of a child's propensity to allergies. In this case, it is suitable not any clothes, but only those wardrobe items that are made of special, hypoallergenic materials. These include, for example, natural cotton, linen. Precautions should choose wool clothing and wardrobe items of modern synthetic fabrics. Even the youngest children, as a rule, have their own specific taste and preferences relating to clothing. They definitely should be considered and taken into account. In order to reduce the likelihood of errors in the choice of clothing to a minimum, you can check with the child's parents, what kind of model or, for example, the color gamut prefers their child. Most often, girls are happy to wear clothes of pink, purple, blue. Young gentlemen prefer more "manly" shades such as brown, gray and blue range, khaki. Opting for wardrobe items, aged in these color schemes, is likely to be successful. 

So garments is a useful and necessary gift which, however, is not so easy to choose. However, such a surprise is sure to be appreciated!

How to choose the best clothes for the girl?

Choosing a dress for girls, it is necessary to take into account her age. If up to 3 years in first place in the selection criteria must be comfortable, the older girls have more sensitive about it to the aesthetic component of the garment. Therefore, it is important to strike a balance of interests. Special attention should be given the choice of festive dresses - day friend's birthday, children's party or prom.    

To start, decide, what color dress is preferred. Generally, for young fashionistas selected light pastel shades. The dress can be plain or patterned with delicate - for example, a butterfly or a flower. But do not be guided solely by stereotypes: the girl - then a pink dress. You need to pay attention to what type of appearance belongs to a young woman of fashion, and choose coloring in accordance with this accessory.

 Next, it is important to choose a style. Here the key point is the event format. What will your child do - walk, run, jump, dance? If we talk about specific models, the classic of the genre of stylish dresses for girls a dress with a high waist and a lush hem. As an option - the Greek style: it also has overestimated the waist, but the skirt is long, sloping. This dress is ideal comfort and beauty. However, if the girl is going to the ball, you may want to make a concession in the direction of luxury - to buy a dress with lush, like a princess skirt - with frills or crinoline.

Much depends on the atmosphere in which is held the feast - the time of year, as a heated room, etc. Summer options - satin, silk, chiffon. Winter is quite amiss option of fine wool or knitted dress elegant. And another important point: Try to attach the girl to the choice of dress. This way you are raising a child life skills and instill a taste, take into account the wishes of her daughter - because she though small, but a person.

Finally, the board selection process, fitting, anticipation of a holiday - it's almost as important for girls as well as the holiday itself. Do not deny her this positive!

Recommendations regarding the selection of school uniforms

Today, many schools require school uniforms. White top, black bottom - educational institutions standards. However, as often happens, the color of the school uniform and drawing, you can choose your own child.

When choosing colors is recommended to pay special attention to the blue, black or gray color. Because - that the colors never go out of fashion. Need to get things in harmony with each other, they complement each other. In addition to the color you need to pay attention to the fabric.

Good fabric has the following properties:

Practicality. A huge number of parents who buy school uniforms for the first time, looking only natural fabrics. But this is fundamentally wrong. After all, the shirt or blouse made of cotton crumpled more quickly, and to iron the material is virtually impossible.

Durability. This criterion is easy enough to check. Stretch a small piece of tissue, and if the extended portion was like a gauze, it is best to abandon such purchases.

Education pellets. This figure can not be determined with the purchase form. Resistant tissue to form pellets can check only practical way of carrying out specific laboratory or test.

Here we can only give advice, to buy things only known to prove themselves on the market brands. The main task of the parents to help their child to look stylish and elegant.