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From childhood to adolescence, a path of growth articulated by different styles grouped by the desire to donate a wardrobe with which to identify themselves.

It all began with an act of love, that of two parents who give birth to a dream to celebrate the birth of their much desired daughter: a brand of clothes to bear her name with which she could identify and, once grown, could express all her creativity, her vision of the world, her aesthetic taste

From Stefania Pinyagina’s fable the brand “Stefania” took shape, with her innate vocation to the beautiful and the search for detail, her romantic soul and naturally feminine sensitivity visible even in the logo, a sophisticated stylization of the letters of her name. A game of interlaced lines refering not only to the etymological meaning of her name (“the one who wears the crown”), but also to the characters dear to the fabulous tradition in which the puzzle and graphic doodle give way to soft and enveloping lines, an expression of the philosophy that animates every achievement of the brand.

A brand capable of sublimating, harmonizing, its two concepts: visible in the richness of the details and in the rare exclusivity of the details that dot the collection, and vital and energetic as the colors and fantasies of the fabrics chosen for the collections.

In “Stefania” they merge, exalting, not only two different cultures, but also two styles, seemingly distant but approached by a common “feel” that places romantic wishes and the practical necessity of the little girl of our time at the center.