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The new collection of children's wear is not only reflecting the current fashion trends, but also presenting unique, recognizable elements of our brand. The Spain company «STEFANIA» adheres to these high standards.

Since 1993, De Salitto actively gaining popularity in the world of children's fashion in the price segment “prêt-à-porter”. Combining modern tendencies of fashion industry, as well as standards of high quality products and an individual approach to each client, a trademark De Salitto became in demand among almost all regions of Russia, and since 1996 - in the CIS countries and Europe. Clothes produced under the brand De Salitto, made mainly from natural fabrics and reflects the fashion trends of the coming season, allowing the children to express their individuality in its entirety.

Modern children are trying to keep up with the adults in choosing pieces for their wardrobe. They want to learn how to dress well, to have an elegant style, to create a unique fashion taste, to follow the vogue trends. De Salitto understands young dandies and ladies, as well as their parents, for whom an important factor in the selection of clothes for their children. It is something that is not only beautiful and fashionable, but also practical.

De Salitto collections were nominated more than once and honored with the highest ratings in the various competitions and exhibitions. De Salitto in fact received a diploma from the hands of Pierre Cardin, the world-famous French couturier. In addition, we are not just handed out awards for the quality of our products, including those we have received three gold medals "For high consumer properties" from the Autonomous Nonprofit Organization "Soyuzexpertiza".

Our collections reflect modern trends of fashion trends. We set high standards for themselves and their clients!

Clothing is the most personal and intimate possession people own. Style creates the first impression about us, shows human’s creativity and individuality. The main mission of the Stefania company is to create the most comfortable and elegant clothes for children, to help them to express their desires, to help them feel independent.

In addition, it is important from the early age to develop the fashion taste and sense of style!

Therefore, we make every effort to ensure that our collection for children is special and unique, stands for beauty and harmony, helps children to find their way into fashion world and to communicate with the outside world.

Philosophy of the company.

It's not a secret that fashion could be capricious, changeable, fleeting and constantly changing. Most of us accept this game, follow the trends and face some challenges with choosing the right outfit every morning. This is understandable: everyone wants to be a modern, successful, and FASHIONABLE.

But there are much more meaningful things in life, as they say, eternal things.

What if fashion could be outstanding? Our company stands for values ​​of the family and its foundations, traditions, love for children and the anxious care of each family member, not just clothing.

We are proud that our company has been able to combine the family values ​​and business. This feature is the basis of both internal and external policy of the company. Relationships within the band may be mentioned related. We not only work together and make common cause, we rest together, celebrate holidays and spend spare time together. We also treat our customers as family members. Such an atmosphere makes our work enjoyable, allowing everyone to cope easily with the daily responsibilities and working routine.

Fantasy? For someone, perhaps, yes, but we were able to turn our company into a “favorite child”, as like it is alive. We make everyday happy. We turn our meetings with the client into something bubbly, like some meetings you usually have with your friends.

This attitude is a great opportunity, for both the company and each employee, which can manifest itself in something other than their regular duties. For example, we are enthusiastically participating in charity events - collecting gifts for children, arranging holidays for them. For our partners, we often organize corporate events, where each of us is ready to prove as an organizer, director, writer or presenter.

With regard to our customers, we specifically try to please, aware of the responsibility. Therefore, our products are always high quality! In addition, we do not just sell children's clothing, we create the magic atmosphere of exclusive shopping and pleasant time.

Due to this, our company policy makes us the leading players in the children's clothing market, and the brand De Salitto - one of the legislators of children's fashion.